smoking vaporizers

It is not really up to the wax factory to decide what you need to do – either with you vaporizers or with you records – this is very much a decision that only you can make for yourself!

So is this a match made in heaven – the wax with the vapour? Something old school and then something very, very new? The record died – or at least that is what we all thought but then something must have sprung up in it’s place ….. oh, yes that was the CD – but that is now very much a tale of the living dead and it has now be surpassed.

As with all technologies it is not easy to figure out what will come next but what we can say for sure is that there will be a change.

As it s with smoking – the developer has led all the conclusion that smoking is very much bad for you so along came the vaporizer to make it ll better again! Not that smoking can ever be good for you, but it will certainly be less bad.