Using Vaporizers to Give up Smoking

Smoking is nasty, nasty, nasty and bad too. Who would want to stink of burning tar and paper? The obvious solution is to not burn but vaporize instead. The wax factory know about the smell of hot vinyl, so we also know hot to avoid smoke where possible.

vaporizer to quit smoking


Smoking is injurious to your health. We all see this health warning on cigarette packs, but hardly pay any attention to it. People acquire this bad habit and later they are unable to quit, even if they want to. No matter how hard smokers try, it becomes next to impossible for most of them to stop smoking altogether. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine and many other chemicals that are believed to be carcinogens. Nicotine is addictive in nature and once it gets dissolved in your bloodstream, it is very hard to give up smoking. Vaporizers have emerged as a means to quit smoking in recent times or at least to cut down on the number of cigarettes one smokes in a day. This is because of the fact that this electronic device gives a smoker control over how much nicotine he consumes.


As a smoker, you carry a pack of cigarettes to any place you go. You smoke before and after work, during lunch and coffee breaks, in transit from a place to another, in stress and to celebrate. In short, you have a reason to smoke all the time. This is because tobacco smoke causes dependency and you feel tied to it. But when you use a vaporizer, you actually inhale the vapors of tobacco, without actually burning it. You are therefore not inhaling the tar, the additives and many other toxins that you get when you smoke a cigarette. You know that you are inhaling nicotine vapors and this physical act is in itself enough to suppress the craving for nicotine. The main benefit is that you are free from the dangerous effects of nicotine and the additives in a cigarette. Except when you get accused of being a terrorist – the non-burning aspect of the vaporizer makes that you can do it just about anywhere!


The tobacco is not burnt in a vaporizer, but is only heated to release its vapors. This means you are not exposed to the carcinogens that are there in the smoke of a burning cigarette. In addition to being not exposed to the smoke of a cigarette, you have the option of controlling the amount of nicotine you inhale by reducing the amount of tobacco you place into the vaporizer. The secret of quitting smoking by making use of vaporizers is to keep reducing the amount of tobacco in your vaporizer, without letting your body and mind notice the reduced strength. If you have the motivation and will power, you will find your dependence on tobacco leaving you in a few months time.