The Iolite Original Vaporizer

Iolite Original is a portable butane based vaporizer that is portable and made in the shape of a walkie-talkie. Which is pretty handy if you’re trying to pretend to be the police. The Wax Factory has a fondness for uniforms and  great respect for the Law, so we’re great fans of the iolite! It was launched in 2008 by Oglesby & Butler and revolutionized the market with its sleek design and high efficiency. It has a bi-metal thermostat that maintains the temperature of the vapors at a constant 190 degrees and the design of the vaporizer is such that the users are completely safe from the harmful effects of butane gas.  This kind of vaporizer is preferred by people, when they are looking for portable vaporizers and is currently being sold in 150 countries around the globe.


Truly portable and very efficient

Original Iolite is a fully self-contained vaporizer that is truly portable. It is shaped like a walkie-talkie, to make it compact in size. One can easily hold it in his hand and carry it along with him. The vaporizer has a gas chamber filled with butane and a filling chamber that gets easily heated to a temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit to release thick vapors of the products that you need to take the vapors of. The taste of the vapors that you inhale is exactly how the product smells. The wlki-talki bit makes us feel like spies on a vaporizer mission!!


Just light up the vaporizer and start inhaling

To inhale the vapors, there is a tube at the top of the vaporizer. You have to put your mouth over this tube to inhale the vapors. There is nothing to learn to inhale from this kind of vaporizer and this is what makes the Original Iolite so very popular among those who want to inhale vapors of different herbs for various reasons. The vaporizer starts heating the products with butane gas with a one click starter that uses piezoelectricity. This is a very stylish vaporizer that is a favorite amongst not just beginners, but also the ardent admirers of vaporizers.


Filling the butane chamber is easy and after a refill, the vaporizer is ready to use continuously for 2 hours. If the butane gets used, refill takes only about 15 seconds, so that you never feel slowed down due to the empty canister. When filling the chamber, make sure the tip is kept pointing downwards. The wax factory can be a bit lazy – so a vape that doesn’t need much filling is right up our street!!


As this stylish vaporizer is cordless and runs on butane, you will never have to remain tied to a power source or wait for the batteries to become fully charged before using this vaporizer.  Original Iolite comes with a 2 year warranty that gives you peace of mind about its quality.