Rosemary in Vaporizers

Using Rosemary in Vaporizers


You might start to think of the evil vapours and Rosemarie’s Baby – but there is no evil involved with vaporizers – unless you deliberately put them to nefarious use!!

The use of vaporizers for inhaling the vapors of different herbs has increased in recent times. Inhaling vapors is far more effective than inhaling smoke by burning an herb, as it is safe and does not make you inhale any toxins. There are scores of herbs that can be used in a vaporizer for health benefits, but rosemary is one plant that remains at the top amongst all herbs that are used for inhaling around the world.

rosemary baby

Rosemary is one plant, whose leaves have been burnt since time immemorial to purify the air around places like hospitals and churches. The leaves as well as the oil of rosemary have the effect of clearing the brain and invigorating our mind. Rosemary leaves and its oil has traditionally been used in aromatherapy to bring relief from symptoms in respiratory ailments. The vapors of rosemary are antimicrobial in nature and clear the lungs of infection in a very gentle manner. The only thing to keep in mind while vaporizing rosemary leaves in a vaporizer is to not raise the temperature of the heating element too high, as rosemary is highly volatile and very high temperature can lead to its combustion.


When you have inflammation and irritation in your lungs, you can safely inhale the vapors of rosemary from your vaporizer. Rosemary is also antidepressant, astringent, antimicrobial, antispasmodic and carminative in addition to being effective in purifying air inside the lungs. It is a good herb to inhale when you are down with fatigue. It is also good in reducing pain in the muscular system, while improving circulation inside the scalp and the skin. As its vapors clear the mind, it is good to have a sharp memory and also to get rid of many types of headaches. Rosemary vapors are considered a very good nerve tonic, as it is seen to have a pronounced effect on the brain.


Rosemary is used in conjunction with lime vapors in the morning and lavender vapors in the evening to improve the condition of the patients suffering from dementia. Rosemary vapors serve the function of a stimulant inside our brain. It has a sharp and woody aroma that is believed to improve our concentration and memory. A blend of rosemary with lime and peppermint is also used to bring a pleasing sensation to our mind.  You can also use the leaves of rosemary in your vaporizer, if you are suffering from cold or flu or having muscle pain.