Out and About with portable vaporizers

When you are on the move then you need your portable vaporizer to come with you, so what do you need? A small portable has obvious benefits – but what else should you consider – the power source is one thing that you’ll need to consider – the price is another

Different Styles of Portable Vaporizer


As the title of this article suggests, it is all about vaporizers that you can carry along with you. If you treat your vaporizer as a therapeutic device, you would definitely like to carry it wherever you go.  It is irritating to be tied to a specific place to be able to make use of a vaporizer. This is what has given rise to the development of portable vaporizers, vaporizers, which are lightweight and handy. These vaporizers are designed to fit into a carrying case and they have their own electricity source in the form of adapters, chargers and batteries, so you don’t need to look for a power source to make use of these devices. Some people feel that portable vaporizers are not as effective and efficient as home vaporizers, but there are millions who love these tiny devices, as they help them to vaporize whenever they so desire.


Vaporizers looking like pens

The most lightweight and discreet looking portable vaporizers are the pen style vaporizers. You can carry them with you like pens and make use of these vaporizers on the go. They are ideal for inhaling the vapors of oils. Though many companies claim their pen style vaporizers can also help in vaporizing dried herbs, there is doubt about the efficiency of these portable vaporizers to vaporize dried content.


Vaporizers that are wooden

Extremely light and compact, these vaporizers are ultraportable and you can heat the contents to vaporize using a lighter. This is great for those who want to vaporize in the outdoors and do not want to search for a power source. These vaporizers are known to give off vapors that have a wooden flavor. There are many who are fond of this wooden flavor. It is just that the wood used in the construction of these vaporizers absorbs all sorts of odors with passage of time and frequent use. Also, these vaporizers are not very efficient in providing temperature control. Despite these limitations, people use these wooden vaporizers and there are many different models of these vaporizers available in the market.


Balloon type vaporizers

These are not actually portable vaporizers but you can fill the balloon over the vaporizer that fills them with vapors with the help of a fan. You can take the balloon in your hand and inhale the vapors wherever you are. This works well in a situation where you are sitting in a group with friends with each one getting a chance to inhale from the filled balloon. The downside of this balloon type vaporizer is that the vapors turn stale in half an hour and you need to inhale them quickly to get the benefits.


Vaporizers that are electronic

These are the most expensive portable vaporizers with temperature display that is electronic and machines that are battery operated. These vaporizers provide great control over the vapors and their quality.


Besides this classification, portable vaporizers are also divided into ones that are battery operated, gas operated and lighter operated. So what are you waiting for? Get your portable vaporizer right now.