Lavender Vaporizers

Benefits of using Lavender in a Vaporizer

You may well think that lavender is a herb for Old Ladies pants drawers – but at the wax factory we know that it is more than just a weed – and is a real soother for your vaporizers, but you can also use it in Old Ladies underwear if you want!

If you have a good quality vaporizer at home, you must make use of different herbs to inhale their vapors. Among all herbs that are used in vaporizers, lavender remains at the top because of its various health benefits.  In aromatherapy, lavender is one of the most important oil that is used to alleviate symptoms of many ailments. Many people burn lavender candles and incenses, but it is actually harmful as they are not pure and burning may actually produce harmful toxins that are not good for our health. This is why it is much better to inhale the vapors of lavender from a vaporizer.


Lavender is a part of the mint family and its flower has traditionally been used as an antidepressant. It is believed that the flower of the lavender can have a calming effect on our mind and our nervous system. The vapors of this flower have been found to be helpful in relieving anxiety, depression and stress. It helps in promoting sleep and also relaxing any muscular pain an individual may be experiencing. The vapors of lavender promote the feelings of well being and no wonder this is why this aroma is used in many brands of talcum powder too. The vapors of lavender are also strongly antibacterial in nature improving the immunity of your body from within.


Lavender is a gentle herb that can be safely used by people of all ages and also by both sexes. However, it is always better to make use of organic lavender, if you are sensitive to pesticides and herbicides. The calming effect of the aroma of lavender helps in eradicating the feeling of anxiety and restlessness in an individual. The scent of lavender alone has been used for centuries to alleviate symptoms of migraine, depression, emotional imbalance, stress, anxiety; nervousness etc. Lavender has been used in aromatherapy to treat these ailments much before modern drugs came into existence.


Lavender also has antifungal and antibacterial properties making it very useful and beneficial to be placed inside the vaporizer to inhale its vapors. Inhalation of pure lavender can help treat conditions like acne, psoriasis and many types of skin inflammations. The use of lavender in vaporizers to treat symptoms of migraine is very old and proven to be very effective. You can inhale the vapors of lavender before going to sleep to have a sound sleep. You can also use these vapors to help your kids fight stress and anxiety.