Introduction to Vaporizers

Herbs have been used since time immemorial by mankind to get rid of various ailments. While herbs and other plant based products have traditionally been used by chewing, applying on the skin after making a paste, or adding to recipes during cooking, vaporization has also been used

as a method to get the benefits of the ingredients in a particular herb or spice. Vaporization is the process of applying indirect heat to the herb that makes it release its main ingredient that can be inhaled in the form of vapor to receive the health benefits of the herb.

The main purpose of a vaporizer is to heat the plant or herb to a high temperature close to its combustion temperature. This heat causes the plant to or oil to release its vapors. Thus an individual can get all the benefits of the oil or the herb without having to inhale the smoke that results when the material gets ignited. Vaporizers have come a long way, since the time they were first made to get health benefits from plant based products. While vaporizers in earlier times were nothing, but an electrical device making use of a heating element, they have now become very sophisticated and employ microchips to enable the user to control the temperatures in a precise manner according to his or her requirements.

All over the world, people have realized the health benefits of vaporizers that allow them to get all the benefits of an herb by vaporizing them without burning them, which causes hazardous smoke sometimes. The vapors emitted are stored in a plastic bag and the user can inhale them at that time itself or later with the help of valves. Vaporizers are today increasingly being used by smokers, as they come to realize the dangers of smoking carcinogens. In the case of vaporizers the herbs are not ignited inside a vaporizer, they merely release their essence in the form of vapor or gas and therefore pose no risk of carcinogens.

Most of the vaporizers being sold in the market make use of convection to vaporize herbs. This means that a hot current of air gets in touch with the herbs to raise their temperature. Convection vaporizes herbs in 3-5 minutes. Vaporization is a healthier option than lighting up the herbs to get its benefits. Vapors from an herb contain no toxins in comparison to smoke that is obviously dangerous to inhale.