Help with Home Vaporizers

The wax factory likes to spend time at home – so we’re all for the home vaporizer – so, if you’re like us then yo enjoy time in front of the TV in the warmth

Different Styles of Home Vaporizers


If you are a casual user of vaporizers, you can make do with portable vaporizers, but if you want to make use of the vaporizers every day, what you need is a high quality home vaporizer that is also called desktop vaporizer. It is heavy and not so compact as a portable device. Home vaporizers are known for their efficiency and the ability to produce high quality vapors. The main characteristic feature of a home vaporizer is that they are electrically operated. Home vaporizers are plug-in types and they are also very expensive for a casual smoker, but those who understand the quality of these vaporizers, know it is money well spent to buy a home vaporizer.


The best thing to do is to buy a home unit and when you have had the complete vaporization experience, should you go and buy a portable vaporizer to look after your travel needs. Basically the home units can be divided into balloon type vaporizer and the whip style home vaporizer.


Balloon type vaporizers

These are machines that are fitted with a plastic bag that gets filled with the vapors and you are free to inhale the vapors when you desire, though you have to empty the bag or the balloon in a short period of time, say half an hour as otherwise the vapors become stale inside the balloon. The grounded herbs are put inside a dish made of metal and this dish is placed inside the machine. The vaporizer is plugged on and the herbs get heated to a high temperature, which enables it to release vapors that are collected in a bag that is connected to the vaporizer. You can see the vapors filling the bag and once it is full, you can remove the bag from the vaporizer. There is a mouth piece made on top of the bag, through which you can inhale the vapors. The only downside of this kind of arrangement is the vapors become stale after some time.


Whip style or hose style vaporizers

If you do not like the idea of inhaling stale vapors, hose style vaporizer is what you need. This vaporizer provides fresh vapors for you to inhale. These vaporizers are ideal for single use, as you place one end of the hose in your mouth to inhale the vapors. You have better control over the amount of vapors you inhale with this kind of vaporizer, as you do not waste any vapor that is filled in the bag. If the idea of sharing the plastic bag with others makes you feel worried, whip style vaporizers are the best option for you.


Besides the division into balloon and whip style vaporizers, there are also classifications based upon the source of heat used to vaporize the herbs. While some make use of convection, others use a metallic coil or even hot coal to heat up the herbs. There are also expensive vaporizers that provide the feature of temperature control with a knob that allows you to set the temperature.